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COVID-19 Impact Information

The City of Austin has issued a Stay-At-Home order for all non-essential businesses. While our team is well prepared to work remotely, we ask for your patience as our phone response times may be slightly delayed. If you reach our voicemail, please leave a message and we will return your call before the close of business. You may continue to reach our teams via email.

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Francois Mores joined TRC Consultants in 2017 and is a valued member of the Technical Support team.

Francois holds a degree in Geophysics from University of Houston. Prior to joining TRC, Francois spent time  interning at QED Energy Associates  to become a Reservoir Engineering Tech.

When Francois is not busy at work, he enjoys winning basketball games whether on the court or online. He lives in Austin with an extra controller or shoes for anyone who wants to challenge him.

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