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Join our talented team

TRC Consultants LC is a leading provider of decline curve and economic analysis software for the oil and gas industry. Based in Austin, TX, we are growing aggressively and are always looking for smart, talented individuals who can bring a unique set of skills to our team.

We are always accepting resumes for: 

  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Trainer
  • PHDwin Support
  • PHDwin Consulting
  • Software Development

Send resumes and cover letters to [email protected]

About Our Team

Employee Leadership: At TRC we believe each one of us is valuable to the mission of our organization. Each member of our team contributes to the success of our clients, whose success leads the performance of our business. Everyone at TRC has a role in improving the lives of our clients through the continuous improvement of our software, support, training, and each person makes a difference. Work ethic, creativity, and problem solving are recognized at TRC. The success of our clients, the firm, and of our team members are at the core of who we are, and it begins with our employee’s leadership.

Industry Leadership: Before TRC created PHDwin, oil & gas companies ran through segmented engineering, finance, accounting, and managerial work. Each oil well had extraction and financial projections calculated manually and through tedious decline curve fitting. We changed the oil & gas industry. Today an engineer can analyze thousands of wells and project their economic viability within seconds.

We developed software solutions that improve the acquisitions and divestitures process, well drilling and extraction decision making, and how budgeting, forecasting, and how profitability of thousands of oil wells nationally & internationally is measured. We’re committed to bringing passion and client focus to the forefront of our business. At TRC we align our interests to those of our clients and it has made us an industry leader. Various features and improvements have resulted from collaboration with leading engineering consulting firms, financial institutions, and our own employees’ innovative solutions. We are leaders in our industry, and we know that it is a result of our team’s dedication to succeed for our clients. At TRC we want to be the best and it is part of our culture to strive for nothing but the best.


Experience and Qualification: Our company is dedicated to innovating and improving the workflow of thousands of engineers in the oil & gas reserves industry. Our work not only allows for engineers, financiers, and decision makers to have efficient workflows, we improve decision making that has critical and lifetime implications in the lifecycle of an oil & gas producer. Our team has decades of experience in the industry, our personnel ranges from professional engineers, software engineers, finance and accounting specialists, creative support technicians and sales professionals. Our software is used in every continent (except Antarctica, but maybe someday), in over 65 countries, and 6,500+ companies.

Since 1985 TRC Consultants L.C. (TRC) has revolutionized the way the oil & gas industry functions by creating the strongest and most robust decline-curve economics software. If it is in the ground, valuable, and you want to know how much money you can realistically make, PHDwin is the tool for you. There are virtually no limits to the applications of our software in the oil & gas industry and we are excited to grow our innovative team.


Product Innovation Focus: Our flagship software, PHDwin, has been deployed in small, medium, and enterprise level companies to successfully analyze reserves, supply detailed cash flow analysis, and improve financial decision making. Our software is not just a financial modeling tool, we recognize that cash flow and profitability begin at the reserve level. As such we created an innovative engine that allows engineering data and insight drive the business model of an oil & gas producer. PHDwin V3 has changed the way energy companies submit reserves evaluations reports to the SEC, how financial stakeholders review and fund companies, and how engineering consultants perform analysis.


Commitment to Excellence & Growth: We are looking for people with a problem solving mindset, who are self-motivated, willing to go above and beyond, and seeking a workplace that allows them to focus and succeed as individuals. At TRC there is no micromanaging, no adherence metrics, at TRC we expect each member to contribute to the direction and profitability of our enterprise. To succeed at TRC you must be resourceful, innovative, persistent, embrace learning; you must focus on solving the problem and leave any ego, earlier credentials, or ability at the door. This company is unlike any other and we embrace humility and fervorous learning over anything. No degree or resume is more valuable than the work you can create to lead excellence and growth at TRC. At TRC excellent work speaks for itself, and no degree or earlier experience can prepare you for the learning that happens here every day. We are helping innovate and change an industry that has seen dozens of big techs promises and no tangible results. We are the difference and stability in our clients lives and we expect each new hire to commit to excellence, growth, and nothing but the best for the client, the firm, and the improvement of our product.

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