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TRC Consultants has been in the petroleum engineering business since 1986. In 1995, TRC was incorporated as a limited liability corporation in the state of Texas with the name TRC Consultants, L.C. During 1986, TRC was solely a contract petroleum engineering firm specializing in reserve evaluations. Specifically, TRC developed bank reserve reports and consulted on oil and gas property acquisitions. To facilitate our work, TRC developed in-house engineering software integrating decline-curve analysis, economics, and database management. Although TRC originated to perform mostly contract reserve evaluations, petroleum engineering software development, sales, and support has become our main business focus. Many of the features we have developed in PHDwin are the result of our own engineering needs as well as recommendations from our many users.

Executive Team

Brian Walter, P.E.

Our Team

Bob Applonie
Lead Developer
Dennis Evans
Senior Developer
Laura Garcia
Quality Assurance Specialist
Amin Ullah
Senior Developer
Marty Honea
Senior Developer and UX Design
Francois Mores
Technical Support
David Gutierrez
Lead Video Production/Editing
Tammy Hoese
Accounting & Human Resources
Shawn Zhang
Chinese Sales
Jonathan Smith
Sales & Training
Amanda Hynes
Allison Wilburn
Technical Support and Sales
Sarah Hathon
Technical Support
Adan J. Jordan
Quality Assurance and Technical Support
Josh Neese
Special Projects
Roland Puente
Software Developer
Garrett Hoover
Quality Assurance Specialist
Don Johnson
Senior Developer
Dre Guardiola
Technical Support Supervisor
John Jomadiao
Technical Support
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