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Highly Customizable GUI

PHDwin V3 gives all the power to the user. Our highly customizable user interface allows you, your team, and/or your manager to create and share views that will bring efficiency to your workflow. As always, any changes you make trigger real-time recalculations and updated display on the screen. 

Built for Speed

  • Microsoft SQL Server Backend
  • Multi-core Processing
  • Unlimited Database Size1
  • Automated resolution of case dependencies
  • Run reports while others work

Expanded Engineering Tools

  • Support for Daily data
  • Arps, SEDM, Scheduled, Lin Time, and Flat Segments can be used together on same forecast
  • Flow regime identification
  • Normalized curves by proppant and lateral length

Comprehensive Economic Modeling

  • US and international economics
  • Pre and post income tax reporting
  • True Group Economic Limit calculations
  • Flexible qualified prices, expenses, ownership, investment, and tax inputs

Improved Economics Methodology

  • Economic limit automatically calculated with max cum cash flow
  • Support for differentiating sunk and discretionary investments
  • Introduction of economic hurdles

Qualified Economics & Scenarios

  • Store qualified case data
  • Use scenarios to quickly run sensitivities
  • More flexible and user-friendly than any other software

Data Discipline

  • Company standards set at database level
  • Data dictionaries
  • True multi-user experience
  • Admin control (coming soon)

The next generation in reserves and economics software is here

PHDwin V3 has been highly anticipated in the oil and gas world for good reason. No other software platform delivers unparalleled calculation speeds, virtually limitless database size1, practical engineering tools, and sophisticated economic calculations all packaged inside a highly customizable user interface. With PHDwin V3 you’ll achieve better reserves through better economics. 

Explore the Platform

1 PHDwin V3 installs with SQL Express, which can support databases up to approximately 5000 cases and up to 3 simultaneous users. Companies with larger case counts and 3+ simultaneous users may wish to explore enterprise database platforms.

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