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We know there are many decline curve and economic analysis software programs to choose from.
Here are 5 reasons why over 95% of our customers would recommend us to a colleague:

Sophisticated Engineering Tools
PHDWin features a variety of engineering tools including auto-fit decline curves, manual fit decline curves, volumetrics, BHP/z, and more. Our software was written by petroleum engineers for engineers.

Robust Economics
Flexible modeling capabilities provide you with the tools to manage both domestic and international project in any unit convention and currency. Easily manage multiple ownership, price, expense, capex, and projection decks with the intuitive user interface.

Easy to Learn and Easy to Use
No other system is as easy to learn and as easy to establish an efficient workflow as PHDWin thanks to the intuitive GUI. All actions are performed on the front end of the software and all inputs are instantly validated. You don’t have to memorize codes or syntax.

Language of the Oil & Gas Industry
There’s a good reason that all of the top energy lenders and consultants (not to mention over 1500 operators and royalty holders) choose PHDWin for project and reserves management. No other database type is passed between entities as frequently or as easily as PHDWin.

Best in Class Meets Best Value
Our clients regularly report that PHDWin is the “best bang for their buck” due to the union of our low cost of ownership, volume discounting, flexible purchasing options, and robust economics and forecasting tools. We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with PHDWin that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Ready to see what PHDWin can do for you?

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