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Upgrade to Version 2.11

All future downloads will be hosted on /

Please Note:

If you receive an error when running V2 after downloading 2.11.1 please verify your license file. Please note that you need 2.11 to open a 2.96 V2 PHZ file. 

**V2 Connect Excel spreadsheet requires 2.11.1**

If you need a new license please check this page.

Read the Release Notes


Official Release 01/13/2023

Feature Addition:

PHDwin 2.11 now includes an Excel-based output called V2Connect to enable a new workflow for QC and reporting in PHDwin. The V2Connect spreadsheet and associated documentation are included in 2.11.


As per many users’ requests, PHDwin 2.11 now includes two new default conventions: Imperial NGL bbl which reports out NGLs in Mbbl, and Imperial Small which has no M units and reports out NGLs as bbls.



Default Settings Changes:


The primary discount rate changed to 10%


Enabling be default Conventions tab on Project Properties


Enabled double click opens case editor setting


Bug Fixes:


Updated reports to fix speed issues with Windows 10 and 11


Mapping update for Power Tools files to include pricing and the correct differentials. This feature is now complete for this version of the program.


Cleaned old example models and scenarios in the default TRCDefaults.mod models file. Now includes new NYMEX example models for Oil and Gas from Jan 2022 courtesy of Dwayne Purvis PE.


Changes to Documentation:


Included with 2.11 is a new spreadsheet V2Connect.xlsx that is required to use the V2Connect feature. Also included is V2Connect Manual.pdf which describes how to use and troubleshoot the quality.


Changes to reports:


 “List ID Codes” dynamically reports all ID codes


“Investment One Liner” offers case-by-case investments broken down as both intangible and tangible and risked and unrisked


“Excel One Liner” is the most comprehensive one-line report ever offered in PHDwin V2 with gross and net values for Oil, Gas, and NGLs, pricing for those three products, units for the report run, broken-out taxes and costs, broken-out abandonment investments, plus advanced good count information and more.

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