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Fundamentals Training PHDwin Version 3

Fundamentals Training PHDwin V3 | Houston | January 2023



This is a hands-on training course that will introduce attendees to the fundamentals of PHDwin Version 3 and how it is used in solving real life case studies. The course will demonstrate for attendees how to use PHDwin to simplify workflow in reserve evaluation and analysis of oil & gas assets. You will learn how to import data from various sources into PHDwin, visualize production data, build production type curves, apply projections to cases using industry standard forecasting methods, build models (for price, expense, shrinkage, escalations, and differentials), set up ownership and reversions, apply economic inputs to cases, generate prospects using type curves, manage projects with multiple wells, and create highly detailed and highly granular forward looking Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) reports. Participants will also learn about Scenarios & Qualifiers and how to utilize them to: collaboratively share and manage data in a multi-user environment, evaluate sensitivities, and usage of automation to improve efficiency and transparency, and to finish evaluations faster and reliably, all within one database. Participants will learn how to model intra-case relationships using specialized group cases, recompletions, and incrementals. These case types are common in the oil & gas industry and are used to model workovers, refracs, recompletions (of behind pipe, for example), waterflood, and shared economic ring fencing to generate group economic limits (GEL), etc.

For Engineers & Industry Professionals

This training course is designed for engineers, data technicians, finance professionals, 3rd party reserve auditors, consultants, and existing V2 users looking to transition to V3. PHDwin is involved in the sale, purchase, financing, maintenance, and exploration of oil reserves and thus is used by reservoir engineers, production techs, bankers, analysts, and anyone interested in oil and gas reserve evaluation and economic analysis. Prior knowledge of PHDwin is not required, but a fundamental understanding of oil and gas reserve evaluation and economic analysis is strongly recommended.

Course Highlights

At the end of this course, students should (know how to):
Create a new database and Import data into PHDwin
Create a Normalized Curve Case
Create Models for different inputs
Apply projections (decline curve models, scheduled, or flat) to historical production
Build new prospect cases and manage projects
Create scenarios & qualifiers (with hierarchy)
Do single & bulk case editing
Gain a basic understand of special case types and how they are modeled using PHDwin
Generate cash flow reports and understand the results
Share your database with others and open databases from colleagues.

Full Course Outline

  1. Creating new databases or projects  
  2. Corporate Settings 
  3. Creating Scenarios  
  4. Managing products 
  5. Importing cases 
  6. Using the Case List  
  7. Editing Views 
  8. Graphs and creating projections  
  9. Editing Cases 
  10. Building models (for prices/expenses/etc.)  
  11. Using the Global Editor  
  12. Using Grid Editor  
  13. Running reports   
  14. Importing .csv and .xlsx files  
  15. Creating group cases   
  16. Prospect and Project Tool  
  17. Incremental and recompletion cases  
  18. Transfer Files 
  19. Sample Evaluation 

Additional Information

  • Course fee is collected after your registered session concludes. Attendees from the same company will be invoiced together.
  • This session will be delivered in person.
  • **If you need to cancel your registration or register for a different date, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can assist you.
  • It is not necessary to have PHDwin V3 installed on your computer, but should you wish to download PHDwin and obtain a trial license, please access our Client Portal.


**All cancellations or postponements must be received 21 days prior to the training date scheduled. Cancellations received less than 21 days prior to the start date of the scheduled course will be assessed at 100% of the course price. No-shows for confirmed registrations will be assessed 100% of the course price.

TRC Consultants, LC reserves the right to cancel any course. Registered attendees will be contacted individually in the event of a cancellation.

Please contact [email protected] or (888) 248-8062 x6 for questions.

January 25 – 27

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

CompuTrain Training Center| 9801 Westheimer Rd., Suite 320 | Houston, TX 77042

$1995.00 (net 30).

**Course fee is invoiced after your registered session concludes. Attendees from the same company will be invoiced together.

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