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Creating and Using Type Curves in PHDWin

One of the most frequently needed, though perhaps underutilized, features in PHDWin is the Case Profiles tool that allows users to create, store, and manage type curves for PHDWin projects.

The PHDWin Case Profile feature stores more than just decline curve parameters – it also stores product definitions and phase configurations. Case profiles are available to use in any PHDWin project regardless of whether or not it was the project use to create the case profile or if someone else created the project. 

In the accompanying video, you will see the step by step instructions for creating type curves based on normalized data and then how to use the Global Editor to apply a type curve to a case or cases and how to use the Prospector tool to create a drilling schedule with an economic scenario, investments, and type curve.

If video tutorials aren’t your thing, or you’d like a reference sheet for creating case profiles you can download our how-to guide for creating and applying Case Profiles.

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