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Grid Editor Overview

This video will show you how to create and adjust Arps forecasts using PHDwin. 

Adding segments

Select any product to view or edit it’s forecast. The products plotted on the graph are listed above the above the divider. Use the arrow next to the product name to easily display or remove products from the graph.

Add segments by clicking on the plus button next to Segment and choosing the type. The forecast for each product can have multiple segments and they can be different types – for example, the first segment could be arps and the second could be scheduled.

Drag and Drop Handles

  • Use the handles at the beginning, end or middle of the segments to adjust the segments directly on the graph.
  • The middle handle of the forecast will move the entire curve, keeping it’s shape intact OR if you right-click the segment, you can turn the b-factor bend on.
  • You can use either end handle to adjust the starting or ending points of the curve, changing those dates, rates and also the decline.  
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