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Special Training Topic:

Presented by TRC Consultants, LC in partnership with Don LeBlanc, P.E.

TRC Consultants has partnered with Don LeBlanc, P.E. to bring a series of special training topics, including Project Planning & Analysis. Participants will further their understanding of project planning and analysis with useful tools featured in PHDwin.

Course Outline

  • Part 1: Project Planning (2 hrs)
    • Type Curve Generation
    • High/Mid/Low (P10/P50/P90) Curves
    • Incremental Projects
  • Part 2: Project Analysis (2 hrs)
    • Incremental Project Economics
    • Comparative Project Analysis
    • Lookback / Full Cycle Analysis

PHDwin V3 will be used in this course and we recommend becoming familiar with graphing tools in V3 prior to attending this course. You can download PHDwin and review all of our video tutorials by accessing the PHDwin Client Portal. 

Course Details

This course is broken up into two days:
July 20 and 21, 2021
9AM – 11AM CDT

Where: GoToWebinar

Guest Instructor: Don LeBlanc, P. E.

Course Fee: $825 Industry downturn discounted price $500 (payable by invoice after course concludes)

Participants will receive certificate of completion and 4 professional development hours

Registration is closed.

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