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Floating Network (Concurrent) Installation – PHDRMS is offered as a floating network (concurrent) installation. Similar to PHDWin, PHDRMS may be installed on multiple computers; however, simultaneous access to PHDRMS is limited to the number of floating network installations purchased. Licensing for additional installations is volume discounted. The network server functions as the licensing manager for distributing access to users. The initial purchase price includes unlimited Standard Call-in and email support as well as any new PHDRMS software releases for one year. Subsequent years support and maintenance may be purchased at the then current rate and terms. The PHDRMS floating network (concurrent) installation is available for outright purchase, annual lease, and lease-to-purchase. The pricing for each option listed below varies according to the number of PHDWin licenses purchased.

PHDRMS Lease/Purchase Options

Annual Lease

$7,290 base price annual  +$100 per PHDWin standard installation and/or $240 per PHDWin concurrent installation

Technical support and updates are included in lease price.

*PHDRMS installations require SQL Server 2005. The cost of SQL Server is not included in pricing.

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