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PHDWin compatible reserves management system

PHDRMS is a comprehensive tool designed to track and report your corporate reserves and performance data. PHDRMS seamlessly integrates with TRC’s decline curve and economic analysis software.

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More Informed Decisions

Efficiently answer questions about how and why reserves change while providing useful information for corporate benchmarking.

  • How close were the projected parameters to the actual parameters?
  • How and why do reserves change from year to year?
  • How realistic probable and possible reserve estimates were by tracking their migration into proved?
  • Do established acquisition and drilling programs adequately replace sales production?

Automate reconciliations using a standardized methodology to provide results that are trackable from year-to-year, and repeatable from user-to-user.



With unsurpassed flexibility, RMS meets a variety of reporting challenges in a single run.

  • Track up to twelve different reconciliation bases simultaneously.
  • Track any number of change factors simultaneously.
  • Track any number of economic or pricing scenarios within the same project.
  • Reconcile changes at the individual well level or at any hierarchy you define.
  • Aggregate multiple change categories together for different reporting venues such as SEC, DOE, or internal management.

Simple Reporting

  • Pull in reserves data and forecasts from multiple PHDWin projects into a single SQL database.worksheet
  • Create a Corporate Reporting Archive for use by engineers and managers alike. Reports can be saved along with information such as the user who created it, timestamp, sort and filters applied, etc.
  • Stored report output for multiple economic scenarios and ownership sets decreases wait time and eases the reporting process.
  • Roll-up reports to any summary hierarchy you define within PHDRMS.
  • Automate a number of reporting requirements including SEC reserve disclosures, DOE EIA-23, CSA NI-5101, CPR, internal management and lending institutions.
  • Load reconciliation data directly into RIGS for EIA-23 compatibility. Find and apply EIA-style codes (i.e. field codes) directly in PHDRMS using a simple search, drag and drop interface.


Assured Integrity

Consistency in reconciliation is key. Assign rights and privileges to all users as part of a role created by the administrator.

  • Roles can be defined by a variety of functions including creating projects, creating reports, editing change categories, linking cases, viewing documents, deleting, etc.
  • Submit documents to the PHDRMS system, and associate those documents with the entire project, a project event, or any single case in the project. Documents are fully searchable within PHDRMS and can be viewed or printed on demand. Available plug-in will time and date stamp documents as they go in for SOX Compliancy.
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