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PHDwin V3.1.9 Updates


  • Major improvement to the ARIES import routine.
    • An AriesDefault qualifier is now created to distinguish from the default qualifier in PHDwin, since the hierarchy of these is handled differently between the programs.
    • Unqualified (Blank qualifier) data in Aries now gets imported to all incoming Aries qualifiers that are associated with the data type.
  • Importing data from flat files (CSV files), now allows to import directly into a specified qualifier and scenario.

Database Settings Interface

  • Database Settings editing button changed from Single User Mode to Edit, with the purpose of making it more intuitive for users that the button needs to be clicked to edit database settings. The Edit button is also accompanied by a text that communicates that other users would be logged out in order to proceed to such edits.

Eco Engine

  • High Water-Cut and Waterflood phase configurations calculations are now enabled.
  • Resolves an issue with Percent Price Escalations not honoring a previous segment ending price.
  • Resolves an issue with price decks (Escalations and Differentials) not calculating in the correct order.

Multi-case Editing (Grid and Global Editors)

  • Overall improvement to the Global Editor performance (Time to a apply an edit).
  • Resolved an issue with editing projections after mass editing phase configurations via Global Editor.


  • Overall improvements and bug fixes to the graphics and forecasting of ratio products (Log-Cum projections of GOR, WOR).
  • Resolved an issue with decline rate not being properly scaled on Lin-cum projections.

Scenarios and Qualifiers

  • Resolved an issue where phase configurations would change to a default phase configuration when a new qualifier was assigned as primary in the hierarchy.
  • Resolved an issue where a globally applied phase configuration would not be applied to a new qualifier.

Models Form

  • Overall improvement to copy and pasting data into and out of price models.

Download PHDwin 3.1.9 and view new documents, sample files, and tutorials from the PHDwin Client Portal. 

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