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PHDwin V3.1.9 Updates

Importing Major improvement to the ARIES import routine. An AriesDefault qualifier is now created to distinguish from the default qualifier in PHDwin, since the hierarchy of these is handled differently between the programs. Unqualified (Blank qualifier) data in Aries now gets imported to all incoming Aries qualifiers that are associated…

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Importing .DRI data into PHDwin V3

Importing header and production data from industry data providers is one of the most common tasks performed in PHDwin - whether to update existing cases or create new cases. The steps below will demonstrate how to import Enervus/Drillinginfo .DRI files into PHDwin V3. Click here for help creating the export…

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PHDwin V3.1.8: Features and Fixes

Features Present worth values and economic indicators added to summary pages on reports Reports – Implement summary eco indicators Reports – Add eco indicators and present worth table to summary cases for all reports that have them Forced single-user mode implemented for instance-wide rollforwards, where all users logged in to…

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PHDwin V3.1.7 Released with Nested Graph Reports

PHDwin V3 Build 3.1.7 has been released with a new nested graphs feature. This feature allows users to run economics reports with selected graphs automatically collated by case. Reports that support nested graphs are  Custom User Report Detailed Standard Eco Graphs Only  

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Update Available for PHDwin V3

PHDwin V3 Build 3.1.6 has been released with a number of bug fixes and general improvements including: Major improvements to the overall performance of the eco engine. Group case dependencies are now resolved more efficiently. Bug fixes and improvements for both Grid Editor and Global Editor. Fixes for historical cum…

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Creating and Using Type Curves in PHDWin

One of the most frequently needed, though perhaps underutilized, features in PHDWin is the Case Profiles tool that allows users to create, store, and manage type curves for PHDWin projects. The PHDWin Case Profile feature stores more than just decline curve parameters – it also stores product definitions and phase…

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Modeling Shut In Periods in PHDWin

In light of recent price volatility, we have had many phone calls asking for advice on how to best model shut-in periods in PHDWin. Our team has put together a this video to provide best practices for modeling shut-in periods in PHDWin.

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PHDWin comes out on top at SPEE Software Symposium

SPEE invited users from all across the oil and gas industry to participate in their 2018 Software Symposium Survey. This year's survey focused on the user's software of choice, their primary method of forecasting production, how type well profiles are built, time to complete primary tasks, software satisfaction, and areas…

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Updated: How to Import DI Data into PHDWin

TRC Consultants has been working with Drillinginfo on their recently updated production export format (.DRI file.) This update removed double quotes from string fiends in the DRI export file so that fields import correctly into PHDWin. Example of these string fields include: Operator Alias Well/Lease Name Reservoir Oil Gatherer Gas…

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PHDWin Toolbox Highlight: Supported Data Types

PHDWin supports both canned imports of production data. Data from these sources can be imported into PHDWin with a few clicks of the mouse. Click here for instructions on importing production data. Supported canned imports from popular data providers include Drillinginfo, IHS, Lasser, and Accumap. Full list of supported import file…

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