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PHDwin V3.1.8: Features and Fixes


  • Present worth values and economic indicators added to summary pages on reports
    • Reports – Implement summary eco indicators
    • Reports – Add eco indicators and present worth table to summary cases for all reports that have them
  • Forced single-user mode implemented for instance-wide rollforwards, where all users logged in to a database within an instance that is being rolled forward will be force-logged out except for the user initiating the rollforward
  • New progress bar animation for instance-wide rollforwards to help let users know the process is running

Improved ARIES to PHDwin import procedures including:

  • Improved memos
  • Updated default scenario settings
  • Added ability to import lookup values
  • Fixed phase configuration and ratio issues
  • Improved Sidefile lookups to now include prices and differentials
  • Fixed units for NGL to always be in bbl
  • Import new investment categories
  • Expense streams now automatically get created as a stream in PHDwin allowing for quick modification
  • Fixed multiple items related to ownership import
  • Case List settings import fixed
  • Cutoff dates now import

Input Report with on the fly layout options:

The Input Report is a valuable QC tool for engineering and especially A&D work. This report allows you to review each cases’s inputs in a single report instead of paging through cases and clicking multiple windows.

Scroll through the cases of interest and quickly view ownership, investments, applied prices, and even projections. This report will save you hours, allowing you to work more efficiently and make decisions faster.

Use the Parameters options to enable or disable specific tables in the report. Then click Submit to instantly regenerate the report. 

Select which products you would like to display in the Projections at Report Date table.

Note: Only products which have projections present at the report date will be available to select.

Select up to 6 ID codes from all available ID codes to display on the Input Report. These might be API Numbers, Retreival Codes, Operator IDs, or IDs from the dataprovider (such as DRI, HPDI, Lasser, etc.)


  • Various fixes and improvements implemented for fiscal models
    • Fiscal Models – Cash formulas tied to a balance pool are not calculating values
    • Fiscal Models – Depreciated values are not being gathered from child cases
  • Fiscal Models – Static Variables are not being added
  • Fiscal Models – Static Variables are not saved on imported fiscal model
  • Various fixes and improvements implemented for reports
    • Added Input report to build
    • Reports – Costs associated to royalty interest are not included in net costs
    • TReports 0 Royalty case reporting additional Misc Net Revenue
  • Various fixes and improvements implemented for graphs
    • Graphs – Graphs not being generated for group cases in a linked scenario
    • Graphs – IROR title is incorrectly being divided by 100
    • Graphs – Forecasts added to a graph set to volume/day not adjusting properly
    • Graphs – Projections after a zero (null) segment do not correctly draw
  • Various fixes and improvements implemented into the EcoEngine
  • Various fixes and improvements implemented into the Global Editor and Grid Editor
    • Global Editor – Applying a shrinkage model throws system exception
    • Global Editor – Lock to Major phase EUR causes cases to drop from case list
    • Grid Editor – Applying a model throws system exception
    • Grid Editor – Editing ownership in grid editor prompts an error
  • Various improvements implemented for imports
    •  Import – Last row of daily production being ignored upon import
  • Resolved issue where users encountered database upgrade failures
    •  Rollforwards Failed to upgrade database

Download PHDwin 3.1.8 and view new documents, sample files, and tutorials from the PHDwin Client Portal. 

Want to give PHDwin a try? Download a free trial.

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