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Setting up Projects and Models in PHDWin V2

This video covers setting up projects and creating and applying models in PHDWin V2 including using a pre-built NYMEX pricing model, important project settings including after tax mode, PHDWin’s “real calendar”, the Models Maintenance Application, comparing and editing models in Excel, building NYMEX sensitivities, and creating and applying scenarios.

Setting Up Cases for Evaluation in PHDWin V2

This video covers all of the case inputs needed for evaluation including prices, expenses, investments, ownership, taxes, monthly history, test data, and ID codes. Use of mass editing tools is also covered.

Creating Graphs and Forecasts in PHDWin V2

This video covers all that you need to know to create graph standards and build forecasts in PHDWin including product definitions, graph creation and settings, and creating and editing forecasts.

Importing Data into PHDWin V2

This video covers many of the different import scenarios you may need to utilize including importing data from common data providers with the auto-fit forecasting option, importing data from an ARIES database file, and importing monthly and daily data.

There are two zip files containing supporting materials that will assist you with these instructions and conducting imports on your own.

Using the Prospect Tool in PHDWin V2

This video covers the Prospect Tool in PHDWin including the steps required to generate a drilling schedule. It also covers type curve creation, application, and using the Global Editor to shift start dates. 

Advanced Economic Evaluations in PHDWin V2

This video takes you into the advanced economic evaluations features and methods in PHDWin V2 including group economic limits (GELs), waterflood analysis, group reporting options, and incremental economic benefit evaluations.

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