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Opening an Existing Project File

Many times, PHDWin users will receive PHDWin project files from colleagues that they will need to perform analysis on. Read on to learn about the different PHDWin file types and best practices.

What is a project?

The term “Project” refers to a single database. A project will be made up of “Cases”, which, depending on how you use them, can represent wells, leases and other entities within the project.

You can only have one project open at a time in PHDWin, but each project may be made up of thousands of cases, or you may choose to limit the scope of the project to just cases in a certain field, area, or evaluation.

A single project will be made up of two files. The PHD file (the actual database file) and a MOD file which contains economic models.

PHDWin File Types

  • Models File (XXX.mod/Models.tps) – Contains all pricing, operating cost, shrinkage, tax, and escalation/inflation models for a given PHDWin database. Models can be applied globally to individual cases or set on a case-by-case basis. The Models file is the only file that controls economics that is contained outside the PHD project. Users may have multiple models files.
  • PHD Project ( – A phd project is self-contained. All project properties are held within a single PHD file, including graph layouts and custom products. A PHDWin database contains a link to a Models.tps (or .mod) file, and must remain associated with that Models file in order to hold model associations.
  • Backup File (XXX.phb) – The backup files are used to preserve a copy of the database and models files that will allow the user to “restore” the database to the current state. Backup files are saved with a new file name each time so that they do not overwrite existing backups, allowing the user to choose how far they wish to go back.
  • Transfer File (XXX.phz) – Transfer files zip up the models file and the database file and compress them with a WinZip compression. This makes them easy to send via email, ftp or disk to another machine.

Opening .phd vs .phz files

One important thing to note when opening files is the relationship between the PHZ transfer files and the PHD database file. If you are sent a PHZ file, remember that it is simply a zip file that contains the models (MOD) and PHD files inside.

When you open a PHZ file, it will extract the PHD file and MOD file into the same directory as the PHZ. The next time you open the file you should open the PHD file, NOT the PHZ, otherwise the PHZ file will overwrite any changes you made to the PHD file since you opened it because PHDWin is simply re-extracting the PHD file from the PHZ, and thus reverting back to the state the file was in when the PHZ was created.

To Open a .phd or .phz File

  1. Open PHDWin
  2. Navigate to the File menu
  3. Select Open Existing
  4. Using the file explorer, navigate to the .phz or .phd file of your choosing
  5. Click the Open button
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