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We offer flexible training solutions that are custom-tailored to fit your unique needs

TRC Consultants offers both on-site and online training options and will work with you to create a custom training program to fit your specific requirements. See below for information about our custom training options and to submit a request for a quote.

Online training is the optimal solution for those who need training on a few topics or those who require flexibility in their training experience. We will work with you to schedule training content and sessions to fit your exact needs. One of the greatest benefits of custom training is it allows our instructors to use your company data for the course material, making the processes and workflow immediately relatable and actionable. 

Online training is administered via web conference and allows you to interact with the instructor in real time. Online training sessions are billed at $100/hr per class and $75/hr per attendee, with a 4-hour minimum per session.  

Custom on-site training sessions are billed at $1,200/day per class and $300/day per attendee. This is based on an 8-hour day with a 3-day minimum. Third party expenses incurred including, but not limited to lodging, food, mileage, rentals, airfare, and travel time will also be billed.  

Training manuals are not provided for custom training unless requested. Printed manuals may be purchased for $60 each. You will be provided with a soft copy of the manual if you prefer to have them printed yourself. 

*Custom Training Price listings above subject to change without notice. 

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