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Let’s get started on your free conversion

We know that evaluations in the oil and gas industry have a wide range of choices for production data vendors.

This is why PHDWin features several pre-mapped imports for the most popular file types and allows you to create and save your own custom mapping. Allow us to convert your Aries or PowerTools project files to PHDWin so you can see firsthand how easy it is to be the master of your own data. You’ll love how easy to learn and use PHDWin is and if you get stuck, call our dedicated help desk for free. 

Submit Your Project File

First you’ll need to submit your PowerTools or ARIES project file to us for import. You can use the form below or send us a link to your zipped project file at [email protected].

Rest assured, data confidentiality is extremely important to you and to us. Any and all submissions are subject to the terms of our support policy.

Project is Imported into PHDWin

A member of our team will then import your project file into a PHDWin project and return it to you along with all of the necessary information about your project file. You’ll be able to open the project inside PHDWin and take advantage of all the tools that PHDWin has to offer. At the end of your trial, your work is saved and available to continue working once you’ve purchased a PHDWin license.

Use PHDWin to Review Your Project

We will ensure you have a temporary PHDWin license to use while you evaluate this project during your trial. You’ll also have unlimited access to our stellar help desk staff should you have any questions.

Need help?
Give us a call at (888) 248-8062 x4 or email us.

Have a question? Give us a call (888) 248-8062

Request your free PowerTools or ARIES file import to PHDWin and start a free trial 

Complete the form to the right to get started on your file import. A member of our team will receive your information and get started on the import right away. We will also email you a link to download your free trial of PHDWin. If you have any questions, please call us at (888) 248-8062 x4 or email us

During your free trial, we encourage you to do real work. Create evaluations and share them with colleagues. Your work will be saved even when your trial is over.

Have a question?
Feel free to call or email our stellar technical support team for help.

(888) 248-8062 x5
[email protected]


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