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Start a Free Trial PHDWin for Petroleum Reserves and Economics More companies rely on PHDWin for petroleum economics and reserves evaluation than any other software. Download a Free Trial

Calculate Economics

Calculate sophisticated domestic and international economic models in real time. View results instantly on the graph.

Estimate Reserves

Companies need to know how much they have already produced, how much is left to produce, and the total estimated economic recovery.

Create and Share Projects

Create unlimited PHDWin projects and share data with ease. Our .phz transfer file provides full transparency of all economic inputs and results.

Report Results

Choose from one of 60 default report formats that come standard with the program. Roll-ups and summaries are easy to define and automate.

Forecast Production

Flexible forecasting methods meet intuitive interface with PHDWin’s graphing module.

Create What-If Scenarios

Easily view the economic impact associated with a change in economic parameters.

Why do petroleum evaluators choose PHDWin?

PHDWin is the top choice among petroleum economics software because it is the only tool that provides truly integrated economics and decline curve analysis with robust forecasting and engineering tools.

Most Used Software for Economics and Reserves

  • PHDWin
  • Aries
  • Mosaic
  • ValNav
  • Excel
  • Others

No other software is used as widely as PHDWin across the oil and gas industry. PHDWin delivers the ability to create, share, and reproduce economics and reserves results. 

Our unique .phz transfer file gives you the capability to effortlessly share your entire project with others allowing them to produce 100% repeatable results. 

PHDWin is used in more A&D packages than any other software.

Faster Evaluations

  • PHDWin
  • Aries

Evaluators are able to forecast and run economics significantly more quickly with PHDWin than with Aries, regardless of experience.

18% of PHDWin users can create and run economics on 1,000 wells in a single day  compared to only 8% of Aries users. Most PHDWin users can complete the same evaluation in under one week.

The ability to create and run faster evaluations with PHDWin gives you more valuable decision-making time than any other product.

Most Used Software for Technical Analysis

  • PHDWin
  • Fekete
  • DrillingInfo
  • Spotfire
  • In-house
  • ValNav
  • Mosaic

PHDWin’s combination of economics and engineering tools allows users to perform the technical analysis they need without duplicating or maintaining separate data.


Better economics give better reserves.

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