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Automating Prospect Cases with Project Management

Shishen (Ipher) Li, international sales and training for PHDwin, explores the process of predrill evaluations. He uses PHDwin to demonstrate normalized curves, prospect case creation, and project manager and then builds upon each with type curve building, shifting/managing drilling schedules, and changing project dates.

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Use of Incrementals in Re-fractured Wells in V3

Adan Jordan, a newly-minted Engineer in Training (EIT) and PHDwin expert will walk you through performing an incremental analysis in PHDwin V3. Using a group of refractured gas wells in the Haynesville Shale play, we will obtain an understanding of incremental reserve and economic value of re-fracturing the wells of…

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PHDwin Group Case Economic Functionality in V3

Joshua Neese, special projects expert at TRC Consultants with 10+ years specializing in PSA/PSC modeling, will provide a detailed review of the four types of economic group cases that are available in PHDwin and how their usage may change the calculation or reporting of reserves.

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Make Forecasts Accurate Again

Thad Toups, president of HAAS Engineering, highlights some common mistakes in decline curve analysis and provide recommendations for improving your forecasting accuracy.

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Using the WOR Vs. Np Method in PHDwin V3

Larry Connor, P.E. is an Executive Vice president of The Ryder Scott Company and a recognized expert in reserves determination with over 40 years’ of domestic and international experience. In this session, he will describe how to model Water Flood and High Water Cut wells using special tools in PHDwin…

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Fiscal Systems and Reserves Economic Evaluation

Yue (Crystal) Cao is one of the world’s top experts in international modeling in PHDwin at DeGolyer & MacNaughton. This is a must-see session if you work with international modeling in PHDwin, as she lays out her process and philosophy.

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