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PHDwin V3.1.7 Released with Nested Graph Reports

PHDwin V3 Build 3.1.7 has been released with a new nested graphs feature. This feature allows users to run economics reports with selected graphs automatically collated by case. Reports that support nested graphs are 

  • Custom User Report
  • Detailed
  • Standard Eco
  • Graphs Only


PHDwin Nested Graphs Preview

CSV Reports can now use all tokens that appear in the sort order. Pairing these tokens with the custom report tables offers users highly customizable reports. We will be offering a tutorial on how to use this feature soon. 


Additionally, a number of general improvements and bug fixes are available in the new update including: 

  • Overall improvements to the PHDWin V2 phz import routine
  • Overall improvements to the Aries import routine
  • Overall improvements to the edit tables of Grid Editor
  • Fixed an issue where GOR historical values were off by a factor of 1000
  • Several fixes to economics for group cases
  • Overall improvements to scenario linking and data flow of qualifier hierarchies

Full release notes, new tutorials,  and the 3.1.7 update file are available in the Client Portal.

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