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The guide below has been written to help maximize productivity during your trial period. As a reminder, the trial is fully-functional and we encourage you to take advantage of all the features PHDWin has to offer.

On This Page:

Suggested Reading

You’ll find helpful documentation on the entire graphing and forecasting process in the PHDWin User Manual. This document is a PDF located in your PHDWin installation directory, typically found at C:\Program Files (x86)\PHDWin 2.9\Documentation.
Suggested chapters are:

Chapter 5 – Page 27 – Modifying Case Information (case by case basics)
Chapter 6 – Page 31 – Mass Editing Cases

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Global Editor Basics

This step-by-step guide introduces the Global Editor and provides instructions for it’s use. (Link opens in new window)

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Edit Data in Excel Basics

How-To Documents

Document Name Description
Managing Investments Use the Edit Data in Excel feature to easily add or change multiple investments
Editing Projections with Excel Use the Projection Edit report and Excel to mass edit projection parameters
Editing Projections with Multiple Segments in Excel Use the Projection Edit report and Excel to amss edit projection paramters – specific instructions for projections with multiple segments
Use the Global Editor to Apply Shrink Document provides step by step instructions for applying case-specific shrink value or shrink model.
Use the Global Editor to Change Projection Start Dates Document provides step by step instructions for changing or shifting projection start dates.

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